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Spray Tan Tips & Tricks


Thinking about doing a spray tan before your next big event or vacation?  Prepping your skin properly beforehand and timing your spray tan visit before an event are key to achieving a picture perfect glow.  Check out our expert recommendations before making your trip to Beach House Tanning:

The Night Before Your Spray Tan

  • Shave prior to your visit, and exfoliate your entire body to remove dehydrated skin cells.
  • Avoid using exfoliating products that are abrasive, and avoid those that are sugar or oil based as these may hinder your spray tan results.
  • We recommend using a spray tan exfoliator specifically designed to prep your skin prior to your spray tan. It will gently remove buildup head to toe while conditioning the skin to accelerate your tan development and give you better results.

 Timing Of Your Spray Tan

  • Your spray tan may last between 5-7 days when done correctly and using the recommended products.
  • We recommend spraying the day before your event to allow for development time. This will ensure your color will be at its peak the day of your event.
  • If you’re in a time crunch, we offer a Tintedsetting in the sunless booth that will allow you to see both immediate and delayed results. It will develop to the same color of the delayed setting, and you should still wait 4-6 hours to shower for best color.
  • During your first shower you will notice this immediate bronzer washing off, but the DHA that creates your long-lasting tan will remain.

When to Shower

  • You should wait at least 4-6 hours before showering to allow your spray tan to fully develop.
  • When you do shower, we encourage you to use a sulfate-free body wash that is made to protect your spray tan. Over-the-counter products will cause your tan to fade faster than it should.
  • With your sulfate-free body wash, use your hand to gently wash your skin the first few days. Not using a washcloth or loofah will prolong your color and allow the tan to fade more evenly.
  • Once your tan has begun to naturally exfoliate, you can begin to incorporate your loofah or washcloth.

 Make It a Double Dip!

  • If you are planning to enhance your spray tan with a Double Dip by visiting a sunbed first, we suggest using a silicone and bronzer-free lotion that will not interfere with your spray tan.
  • For products like this, check with your Tanning Consultant prior to your Double Dip.

For other questions about tanning before your event, stop by your favorite Beach House Tan salon. One of our professional Tanning Consultants will be happy to help you plan the perfect look for you!